The Bounty Huntress has been awarded an Indie B.R.A.G. Medallion for excellence in self-published fiction. Here are comments from the judges:

An outstanding novel across the board with regard to storytelling and writing skill and style. Intriguing premise, uncommon time period and setting, unique character. This is a surprisingly good story.

A major BRAVO! The Bounty Huntress is a fascinating historical novel.  The author exhibits a tour de force of lyrical descriptions. Iris Greenlee should be added to the list of extraordinary 19th/early 20th century women that includes such intrepid women as Nelly Bly and Gertrude Bell.

Amazon reader reviews:

I didn't want the story to end.

Get set for a wild ride!.

...a heroine unlike any other!

Couldn't put it down...

Silken prose...

I loved Iris!

I highly recommend this book.

There’s a killer in the hills. The one who murdered her father and was set free in a bogus trial. Twenty years later, she’ll try to even the score.

In the early twentieth century, southern Oregon is still the untamed Wild West. There may be telephones and electric lights in the towns, but there are cutthroat moonshiners and armed poachers in the hills, where justice is handed out in the time it takes to squeeze a trigger.

Although she’s mocked, cheated, and nearly shot to death, Iris is determined to ply the dangerous trade of bounty hunter. It takes grit for Iris to survive as she struggles to make a living, but she'll do anything to keep her twice-widowed mother and autistic brother safe in a world that seems bent on destroying their threadbare happiness.

She’ll hunt men for money. But there’s a price to pay.


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